Thursday, April 14, 2016


Back in February, Isaiah went back to Seattle for follow up scans to make sure that he is still cancer free. Unfortunately, the scans were inconclusive. The radiologist thought that he saw something but with all of the hardware in there, it is so hard to see very clearly. They decided to just wait a few months and scan again.

A few weeks ago we got a call letting us know that he'd been added to the surgery schedule for the same week as his follow up scans. Surgery? Uhh... why? Well, we finally got everything mostly sorted out. He insisted that I stay home with Audrey, so I did. He was set to fly out this past Monday. Sunday night, Audrey kept me up all night (she got sick and is getting 4 molars in all at one time) so I ended up staying home Monday. Shortly before we were going to head in to the airport, we got a call that his dad had had a stroke and was on the way to the hospital. We packed up and went to the hospital for a little bit before it was time for Isaiah to get to the airport.

After Isaiah's flight took off, I was on the phone with my mom and a HUGE gust of wind hit our house out of nowhere and ripped a bunch of shingles off our roof. They flew everywhere. We had plastic just flapping in the wind up there. Thankfully, my dad recommend a local roofer who was at my house in about 15 minutes. Sure enough, we could patch it but with just a little more wind, we'd end up patching it again, and again, and again. We knew we'd need to get a new roof soon, but this was not WHEN were expecting it.

Monday was a weird day.

Tuesday, Isaiah had his scans but we didn't hear what was on them until yesterday. Yesterday afternoon, Isaiah talked to the surgical team. The CT scan didn't really show much of anything (same type of scan that they did back in February). However, the PET scan showed that there is definitely something there. The basic concept of the PET scan, if I understand it correctly, is that they inject you with sugar, some of which is radioactive sugar. The radioactive sugar will collect in an area where there is a mass. They then scan a few more times at specific intervals in order to see how the area is taking up the sugar. If it is taking up only small amounts, it is likely non cancerous, that is normal. If it is taking up a lot of sugar it can mean cancer. Through some research, I found that this can also happen, even when cancer is not present, when the area is inflamed or infected.

His PET scan revealed that something is definitely there and it was taking up a lot of sugar. Definitely not the results that we had hoped for but the only way that we will KNOW what it is, is a biopsy. Very early this morning, Isaiah was taken into surgery. He's been in there for almost 4 hours so far. Waiting is not fun. Oh, and we are getting a new roof put on our house today as well haha. I guess we like to do everything at one time.

So for now, I am waiting... Waiting is hard. I knew that I would be useless at work so I stayed home with Audrey. I am waiting, and praying, and trying not to obsess. Obviously that's working well since I'm here writing it all out.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. Waiting is hard. Thinking of y'all during this time!

    1. I saw your comment a couple of weeks ago but my computer was freaking out so I wasn't able to reply. So it's late but Thank you!!!

  2. Hi Shelby, I was just thinking about your blog today and decided to stop by. My prayers are with you and Isaiah. XOXO

    1. Thank you so much! It is very much appreciated! :)