Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I am offended that you are offended...

I had every intention of posting Part 3 of what the beginning of 2015 entailed for my family before I posted anything else, but this has been driving me NUTS and I had to get it out. Yes, this is my rant and yes, it may be offensive to some, but this is my opinion and this is my blog.

 Today, I read something that was finally the straw that broke the camels back... or in my case the last article about how some hypocrite wants to try to silence the pro-life crowd by calling us hypocrites. I am absolutely beyond sick of it.

I'm sure we have all read about, heard about, or have seen the videos regarding Planned Parenthood that have been plastered all over social media and the news lately. Some people are upset that the videos were taken and then released. Guess what?!?! TOO BAD. This is something that people SHOULD know. We all to often, play stupid. We ignore what is right in front of us. What we don't know, can't hurt us right?... WRONG.

Every. Single. Day. there are people killing babies, sadly, some do so for profit. Now, I'm not here to shame women who have sadly made the decision to end the life of their unborn child... What you have done, it is done. That is now between you and God. Though I do hope that you think every day about the child whose life you chose to end. I have 4 babies in heaven. Not by choice. I would have done ANYTHING to keep them, but for unknown reasons, I lost each of those 4 babies. Thankfully, I have been lucky enough to be blessed with one baby here with me, but I still think about the 4 that I lost. I watch as my daughter sleeps, plays, laughs, learns to walk... and then it will hit me that I missed out on that which my first 4 babies. That hurts.

I find what Planned Parenthood does, absolutely shameful. I honestly do not understand how the people that work there, or any other doctors office or clinic that performs abortions, can live with themselves. How do you sleep at night? How do you look at the faces of small children, let alone your OWN children, knowing that you continue to kill babies willingly? How do you justify such heinous acts? I truly don't get it.

So back to what started this rant today... I read an article that was supposed to be a letter to the pro-life crowd to stop posting pictures of "dead fetuses". First of all, they are not "fetuses"... those are babies. Just because they had not yet finished growing and hadn't been born yet, that doesn't make them less human, no matter how much you try to convince yourself otherwise. If they weren't human, then what were they? They don't somehow transform from one species into another once they hit a certain level of maturity. Furthermore, it is murder. You are killing babies. If they weren't alive, you wouldn't need to kill them. How your brain can somehow ignore simple logic is beyond me.

This article is essentially condemning these photos because then people end up seeing them. Yes, that is the point. I have never posted a photo like that, nor do I ever plan to. It's not in my nature. But for people to get offended by it and tell us to stop because then people will see them... seriously?!?!?! Yes, the writer made a valid point that when photos like that are posted, inevitably someone will see them and it might hurt. The woman who miscarried. The woman with another failed round of IVF. The woman who lost their child after they were born. I am not discounting that pain because I know it all too well. But what hurts me FAR more than that... are the people telling us to stop because it hurts. It should hurt. It is the loss of a human life. It is the loss of someone's baby. It shouldn't feel good. By you telling me that my baby was "just a collection of cells" or "wasn't a baby yet", that hurts much more than any photo ever will. You are telling me that the life that was created, meant nothing.

I do feel that often times, photos like those immediately shut people off to what you have to say, but I understand why some people choose to post those pictures. They are to shock you. Why do you think commercials show images of injured animals or children who are starving in order to get you to donate money to help? They need the shock value to get your attention. They are trying to invoke emotion. They are trying to show you that these situations are REAL.

I am not sorry that these images slap you in the face with reality but obviously you need it. If you can't understand why pro-life people are against abortion simply based on the facts, maybe you needed a dose of tough love.

Do you get it now? Do you get why your dismissal of human life is so abhorrent to those who are pro-life? We already know that abortion is what so many people use as birth control. We know that an abortion is ending a babies life. Do you get that yet? Life is sacred and it is not being treated as such. Our society puts more value in the life of a tree or the life of a lion than the life of a baby. That is sad. In fact it is more than sad, it is absurd.

I am pro-life. I have lost 4 babies. I hurt when I see photos of children who have lost their lives. I refuse to apologize for the fact that the reality of what you support, is so offensive to you. I don't need you to help guard my eyes from these photos. You aren't doing me any favors by hiding the truth. Stop pretending and start caring. Start caring for the lives that have been lost. Start caring for the families who would give anything to have a baby of their own. Start caring for the family who lost a child. Stop disguising your lack of concern for human life as compassion for those coping with loss. It is insulting.

***For anyone that made it this far... please know that my heart goes out to women who have had to deal with loss. It is impossibly hard and I can't even imagine what it is like for women who are pro-life but are forced to end their baby's life in order to stay alive. That is NOT what I am talking about here though. I am talking about the women who willingly chose to end a life based on convenience. Those are two very different topics.

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