Thursday, February 12, 2015

Feeling blessed...

Yesterday morning Isaiah was awake and able to get the breathing tube removed a few hours later. He was definitely in a lot of pain when he woke up, as we had expected. He is seriously such a trooper though. He did everything that the nurses asked him to do, he even spent some time sitting up in a chair! He spent most of yesterday and today just trying to rest. His body has been through so much these past few weeks (months really) so I was very happy to see him get some sleep that was soooo overdue. 

Today, I brought Audrey in for a few minutes to say "hi". I made sure that she wore her Marshawn Lynch jersey today just for him! Today we even began some of the training on this LVAD that he now has in place. The LVAD is quite the remarkable piece of equipment but I can definitely see why it is not a forever type of solution. He will definitely want a heart transplant as soon as he is eligible to be placed on the list (must wait 3-5 years cancer free). 

Until he received a transplant, he will keep the LVAD pump. This pump means that he has a wire called a "drive line" coming out of his right side. This line connects to a "controller" that is powered by 2 batteries or a 10lb box that plugs into the wall. He has to be connected to one of those two sources of power at ALL times. This means no swimming, no contact sports, and no getting caught in a downpour of rain. In order to shower he will need to place all of the hardware in a shower bag (haven't seen what those look like just yet). The 2 batteries combined last about 14 hours so it's not like he can go days before switching to new batteries or plugging in to the wall for awhile. 

Isaiah is really handling all of this incredibly well. I certainly don't think that I would be handling it nearly as well if it were me in his position. I keep telling him how excited I will be when we can go home and just be boring. Eventually that will happen for us, and until then we have an incredible support system to help see us through. 

A few people in our wonderful support system have organized a fundraiser for us this weekend. They've been able to get some pretty cool stuff to auction off! 

Since we left in such a hurry, there are a few things that I really have to go home to take care of since we will need to be in Seattle so long. So while Isaiah is still in the hospital, I will be flying home Sunday morning, attending the fundraiser, spend a few days taking care of a few things, and then back to Seattle on Wednesday.  This will also give me the opportunity to get more clothes for Audrey, Isaiah, and myself. Apparently in my rush to get to Seattle, I decided that all that I needed for myself was 2 pairs of pants, 1 shirt that fits, 5 shirts that don't (yay pre-pregnancy clothes), a pair of sandals (for February haha), and a pair of slippers. Oops!

It is still just so amazing to sit and talk to Isaiah and watch him with Audrey... those are things that at many points recently, I thought might never happen again. He is such a strong man. Audrey and I are so lucky to have him in our lives. :)

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