Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Week 3 in the hospital with the husband and his birthday

We checked Isaiah into the hospital on September 3rd for the embolization and surgery on the 4th. He then spent 2 nights in the ICU followed by 12 days on the ortho floor. He was transferred up to the rehab unit on the 17th. So today closes out his 3rd full week in the hospital. Now that is rough.

His estimated discharge date is October 1st... that will be a full 4 weeks in the hospital. YIKES! The poor guy has been handling it very well considering we were originally told it would be 7-10 days in the hospital after surgery and he'd be leaving on crutches. After surgery he was unable to feel or move ANY of his right leg. Talk about scary.  Over the past 3 weeks he has been working on healing, growing stronger, and re-learning how to do basically anything involving your leg. He wasn't even allowed to try to stand for a week post-op and he still isn't allowed to put any weight through his right side, and probably won't be allowed to put any weight through it for a few months.

It has taken some serious work to get his pain under control especially once the nerve pain started up in his right leg. I feel bad that I got so excited to hear him say his leg was in pain. Nerve pain means those nerves are waking up and maybe, just maybe, he'd begin to regain feeling and function. He has made some incredible progress since surgery and today (on his birthday) he was able to walk over 165 feet (with a walker due to the no weight on the right side thing). That's the furthest he's been able to walk and with only 2 breaks. For comparison, he was able to walk about 50-65 feet yesterday with 3 breaks and on Friday he walked about 35 feet with one break... so quite a big change. I think a big reason for the major progress today was due to finally getting his nerve pain better under control so that it wasn't prohibiting him from doing his physical therapy.

It's so crazy what things are like right now but we are still so thankful because we know that this could be worse. We just never knew he'd have to learn how to sit up, stand, walk, etc. Now, this is hopefully only temporary until more of his feeling and function of the leg comes back. We still don't know at this point how much will come back or when it will come back. I'm hoping that by the time he is allowed to put weight through that leg that he will have most of the feeling, function, and strength back in that leg as well.

I feel bad that he's had to spend his birthday here in the hospital but today has been an incredible day of progress. I can only hope and pray that this continues. :)

It's been a crazy few weeks and we SO miss home but we are lucky to be here and so blessed to have the continued support from those around us.

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  1. Continuing to send you both prayers hon. Hope he's been continuing to make progress and will be going home in a couple of days