Tuesday, September 9, 2014


With how scary and ugly and rough this past week has been and how much further we still have to go (see previous posts regarding Isaiah's surgery), I have been doing a lot of whining, warranted whining  but whining nonetheless. I thought it might be nice, mostly for me, to take a minute to think about all of the things I am thankful for. So here we go.

-Prayers. My prayers, your prayers, random strangers prayers. We truly can use all of the prayers that we can get right now with what we have going on. And boy have we felt the effects of the prayers being said for us. I don't know how I haven't completely lost my mind yet or freaked out.

-Family and friends. We have some seriously awesome friends and family. Like mine are totally better than yours. No contest. We have received so much love and support that it is overwhelming. Family and friends are keeping me sane and reminding me of the good things when I start to get negative.

-Amazing surgeons and doctors. Can I just say WOW. I mean talk about lucky. We have been directed to all of the right people. We are so thankful for the amazing people that God has put in our path to even make this surgery and his ultimate health and recovery possible.

-Audrey. Our little miracle baby. We first discovered that I was pregnant with her while we were here in Seattle for Isaiah's biopsy back in May that confirmed the cancer. While some might think that's a lot to deal with at once, it is but it's soooo worth it. She has given us another light at the end of this ugly cancer tunnel. Something to keep us distracted and excited along the way. I seriously had begun to wonder if I was ever meant to have a baby, but just when I did God stepped in and proved that He knows exactly what we need and when.

-Generosity of others. While maybe it seems tacky to mention money here, how can I not? People have reached out to us, some who don't even know us, to bless us with a gift. Talk about making a girl cry, pregnant or not. While I'm not saying paying bills or looking at our bank account is going to be easy or fun over the next year or years, it has been an incredible relief to have that bit of help. It still surprises us when we see another donation on our gofundme page or a check in the mail. It just blows my mind still.

-Seattle. How incredibly lucky are we that we were sent to Seattle. Other than being able to stay home, Seattle is the closest place that they could have sent us. It also has been a huge help that I have a TON of family in the Seattle area. I'm currently staying with some family, borrowing a vehicle from more family, and I have all of them more than willing to be there for me whenever I need them. Some even stooped by for a bit on the day of surgery and have been checking on us since.

-Home. Never in my life have I so missed Alaska. I miss the people, my car, my job, my family, my dog, my bed, my life, and mostly my healthy husband. While I am here with him, he isn't able to be himself. He has gone through SO much this past week and I so look forward to the day that he can say he isn't in pain all the time.

I have so much else but who wants to read another 10 mile long post by me? I'll stop myself now :)

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  1. I loved this post! I never get tired of reading what people are thankful for :)