Sunday, July 6, 2014

13 week update

•How far along? 13 weeks today
•Due date: January 11, 2015
•Baby is about the size of a peach 
•Symptoms: Fatigue and nausea are getting MUCH better but both definitely still hit me from time to time. Still nauseous in the mornings but sooo much better. Ever growing sore boobs. I had to buy new bras at like 9 weeks. Peeing alllll the time. Hungry about every 2 hours. 
•Cravings: Salty and savory foods and then anything fresh like fruits and veggies (I assume to counteract all of the salt). I'm normally big into sweets too. I'm not known to pass up a cupcake but lately, I'd rather have some buffalo chicken pasta!
•Bump? Not really. Which makes me sad. Some days I look like I have a full on bump but it's just bloat. Other days I just look like I've eaten too much for dinner. For now it is my baby bloat belly. Can't wait for it to turn into my full on baby bump. 
•Maternity clothes: Heck yes! I can still wear my non-maternity clothes but I can't stand anything even semi fitted on my stomach. And have you ever tried on maternity pants?! Those things are comfortable!!!
•Stretch marks: Not yet
•Belly button in or out: In
•Kicks? Not yet... I know that can take a little while especially since this is my first (well 5th pregnancy but this is the furthest I've ever been). 
•Gender: Don't know yet. My mom thinks boy due to how active the baby seems in ultrasounds and my cravings. Both are very similar to her pregnancy with my brother. Most others say girl. Right now hubby and I just want a healthy baby. We would be thrilled with either. 
•Looking forward to: Another ultrasound on Tuesday and eventually finding out the gender. I hate waiting! I'm going to ask my dr about the cost of the blood test to determine gender. At least that means less waiting and 100% accuracy. Oh and looking forward to an actually baby bump haha. 
•Sleep: Better than it was the first few months. Still can't sleep in very late but as long as I sleep well at night, I'm okay with that. 
•Miss anything: Laying on my right side, real coffee, turkey sandwich, this amazing blue cheese salad at a local restaurant, and a local brewery makes a raspberry wheat beer and an apple ale... together they are delicious. All totally worth it though. 

So far this is where I'm at. I can't wait to go in on Tuesday and get another look at the baby. Hopefully all is looking good still. I am just so amazed that I've hit 13 weeks. I seriously wondered if that would ever be possible. 


  1. Happy 13 weeks! Hope you have a great appt tomorrow!

    1. Thank you! I'm a bit nervous but I'm trying to just focus on the positives and allow myself to enjoy each day instead of worrying.

  2. So glad to hear things are continuing to go well.

  3. Yay! 13 weeks! I must know more about this buffalo pasta. Sounds Yummo!

    1. Thanks! And seriously... this stuff is AMAZING. I even throw the mixture into a grilled cheese or onto chips with some extra cheese under the broiler for nachos... It's soooo good. I will say my favorite is still the pasta version though. It also heats up nicely. I tend to keep the noodles and buffalo chicken mixture separate so that leftovers are easier and so that I can use it for other stuff if I feel like it... Here is the link to the recipe. I found it on pinterest (aka my recipe book haha).

    2. OH! And I usually substitute just plain hidden valley ranch for the blue cheese because the husband doesn't like blue cheese. I think I probably prefer it to the blue cheese for this recipe.

  4. Yay for 13 weeks! So happy all is continuing to go well! Wishing you and your little one all the best at your next ultrasound. Fyi, the MaterniT21 test doesn't give 100%accuracy for the gender, it's mostly done to screen for downs and Trisomy 18 and 13. The genetic counselor told us it was 99% accurate for screening for downs, 97% accurate for Trisomy 18 and 13 and a little less for the sex. There have been some reported cases where they got the sex wrong, but it is fairly accurate and it is great because you can find out right away with pretty good certainty :) Just wanted to give you a heads up as your doctor might not recommend it just to find out the gender, but it's def recommended to screen for the other stuff.

    Good luck at your appt tomorrow! I'm 14W2D today and going crazy. I can't wait for my next appt. It's not until next Tues! Ah!

    1. Definitely good to know. I think a lot of my anxiety comes from feeling like with each new step, the chances of things going right gets better and better. Plus, I'd like to call the baby by his or her name... and stop calling him him/her haha. And yay! over 14 weeks :) awesome!!!

    2. I totally understand! How did your appointment go? I hope your doctor was able to help you work things out with insurance so you can get it covered!