Monday, May 19, 2014

Results from the doctors in Seattle

It is beautiful here. Sunny and warm! :)  Anyway, here we go.

Well it took FOREVER to get in to see the doctors because they are super busy. It is definitely cancer. It is actually called chondrosarcoma. It is a cartilage tumor growing out of his pelvis. NO CHEMO will be done! :) We are pretty happy about that. Possible radiation we will find out tomorrow or Wednesday for sure on that.

Surgery to remove the tumor will be in about 3 weeks if no radiation is needed and in 5-6 weeks if radiation is needed. It will be quite a long recovery, 6-12 months (likely 6). This is due to the fact that they will be removing a large portion of his pelvis and replace it with a bone graft, held in place with screws and plates.

We are so happy for this news.  Thank you all for your continued prayers and support. We truly appreciate it SO much.

Thankfully they did give him more pain meds and some meds to calm down the nerves that are being pressed on by the tumor. They will be consulting a spine doctor as well since it is close to the spine. They also mentioned a spine fusion in the L5 area where he has that herniated disk.

By now means is this nearly over, but we did get some amazing news today. We will continue to take this one step at a time and one day at a time. We feel so incredibly blessed by everyone around us and the amazing news that we got today. I never would've guess that getting the "your husband has cancer" news could possible have me walking out with a smile on my face, but we just know that this could've been SO much worse. We are so incredibly lucky.

Also just excited that he will be healing from surgery in 3-6 weeks instead of 3 months from now! I am just so incredibly thrilled about that.

Once we have our next appointment either tomorrow or Wednesday to get the game plan as far as radiation, we get to go home again!!! Which means I can set up that ultrasound appointment as well! :) We are still praying that all continues to go well with him and that when we do get this ultrasound, it will be a fantastic appointment with a very different outcome than we had almost exactly a year ago that I talked about here and here AND here.

Here is a little snapshot of our view here in Seattle from the condo we are staying in while we are here.


  1. So happy for your great news! It's true, nobody expects to be happy with a cancer diagnosis BUT knowing how much worse it could have been puts it all in perspective. Hoping you can get the surgery scheduled quickly so he can recover quickly and help you as you prepare for your little nugget :)

    1. sounds like it'll probably been about 2 months until he can get in for surgery :( poor guy.

  2. I haven't had the internet for a few days and wasn't able to check your blog for an is the first day I have been able to read any blogs and I was so excited and happy to hear this good news! I can't wait to hear the positive results from your ultrasound ( I have faith that everything will be great!) hugs!

    1. Thank you! :) I sure hope so too!!! I finally have the ultrasound scheduled for June 2nd! :) that's also the first day of radiation for the hubby. Hoping for another great day all around!!!