Monday, May 5, 2014

Not the news we were hoping for

Today, we met with about 10 different people. It was like the room had a revolving door. The doctors said that they believe it is cancer, a sarcoma. They also told us that they think it is actually growing out of the muscle and not the bone. I honestly don't know if one is worse than the other, but I'm going to choose to believe, this is better.

He had some blood drawn and some x-rays done. He will be getting some additional tests and scans over the next week as well as a biopsy this coming Thursday in order to confirm that it is in fact cancer as well as to stage it. They said that there is still a small chance that they are wrong and it will not be cancerous, so we are just praying that they are VERY VERY wrong.

Once we have the official diagnosis, they want to start chemo. Radiation may overlap the chemo. We don't know for sure yet. Finally, he will have surgery to remove the tumor. So far, they've said that this will all happen in the next 2 to 3 months and that they would like him in Seattle for all of it.

I know that is not something that he is too thrilled with. He is not one to just lay around and he also doesn't like the idea of missing the Alaska summer and being away from home for that long, but we will do whatever is best to get him healthy. That is the most important thing right now.

Thank you all for your continued love and support and prayers. We are definitely feeling it and we truly appreciate everyone. We are so lucky to be so loved.

Hopefully next week I'll be able to post an "IT'S NOT CANCER!" post, but for now we have to accept reality and think about taking one day at a time and getting things done.

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  1. I am so very sorry you have to go through this. Nobody should have to deal with something like this. I too will be praying the doctors are very very wrong.

    1. Thank you. Ya, we can still hope and pray! :)

  2. Oh Shelby, I'm continuing to pray for you guys. I know that must be so scary to hear that news and to have to wait, but I'll just be praying for peace as well as better news next week. Big hugs to you! Also, this is totally not related to this at all, other than to say, this Texas gal would love to live in Alaska someday. I visited Alaska during the summer in 2010 and it was just gorgeous. It's a big dream of mine to be able to move there probably after Jonathan retires. If we can't ever move there, I would at least love to visit again and get to see the Northern lights. Such an amazing, amazing place!

    1. Thank you! We definitely appreciate the prayers!

      It really is truly beautiful! If you ever make your way up, you'll have to let me know :)

  3. Praying hard for you all (I'm a friend of Isaiah's from middle school and then college). Blessings!

  4. Thank you for the update. I'm standing with you in COMPLETE faith that according to Isaiah 53:5 your husband IS already healed and you WILL be making a post that it is not cancer. You both are very strong and I know that the Lord is with you. He will never forsake you! xo

  5. Thinking of you girl!!!

    Hope this helps - did these with my nephew recently.

    Ask for the following SPECIFIC things:
    o That every cell in my body will line up with the Word of God and my covenant with
    Him and fight every cancer cell until it is gone.
    o I speak health into every connective tissue in my body – every muscle, skeletal
    muscle, membrane and blood vessel – that no sarcoma would be able to live in any of
    these areas – but they would be crowded out and die.
    o That my blood cell count is perfect as God created it to be.
    o That every soft tissue in my body be healed in the name of Jesus and be made strong
    enough to fight every mutated cell that is attacking my body.
    o I pray for a reversal of all cell damage in every area of my body.
    o I pray for NO cell miscommunication - electronically or chemically in my body
    o I pray for no side effects from any swelling caused by tumors that have not yet died
    o I pray that there be no agitation, confusion or doubt – but that peace and faith reigns
    in my heart and mind
    o I pray protection over every organ in my body that they be protected from cancer
    cells that would attack or surround them
    o I pray my immune system is totally restored and rises up and fights against every
    cancer cell until every last cell be gone
    According to Your Word I BIND the following SPECIFIC things:
    o I BIND the spirit of infirmity and LOOSE the Spirit of Life and Gifts of Healing
    o I BIND any and all cancer cells and tumors in my body and LOOSE the Spirit of Life
    and Gifts of Healing
    o I BIND any generational curses or environmental situations that inadvertently might
    have opened a door that brought this cancer into my life and I LOOSE the Spirit of
    Life and Gifts of Healing
    o I BIND any negative effects of any chemotherapy or medicine that I am taking that it
    would not harm the good cells in my body but would ONLY attack the cancer cells
    and LOOSE the Spirit of Life and Gifts of Healing
    Because of the power of Jesus and the promises He gives, I believe I am healed and I
    thank God in advance for 100% healing and restoration

    1. Thank you for this. Actually have me goosebumps. We will be praying for these things.

  6. Good grief Shelby, I've missed so much and had to catch up! I'm so frustrated that you and hubs are going through all this! I'm praying for him and you and your family. I will be here supporting you from afar. XOXO

    1. thank you!!! We can definitely use all of the prayers that we can get! :)