Friday, May 9, 2014

Biopsy is DONE

Yesterday was a long day. Finally got the husband to the hospital and all checked in yesterday afternoon. Once they finally called him back, he got all dressed up in his fancy gown and socks, IV in, and then we waited. Then it was time to roll him back to the OR.

My aunt drove us to the hospital that day and also stayed with me throughout. She and I hung out, grabbed some food, and waited... and waited... they called an hour after they rolled him into the OR to let me know that they'd started the surgery. About an hour later, I received the call that surgery was done and he'd be in recovery shortly.

Cue time to freak out a bit when I hear "CODE BLUE. CODE BLUE." over the PA system. A nurse finally came out and brought me back to see him. He was pretty pale and a little tired looking but overall, not bad. As I sat there he seemed a bit more awake and was talking pretty well.

According to the surgery, the tumor was lower than they'd anticipated so the estimated 2 or 3 in incision turned into about an 8 or 9 in incision. When I let the husband know, he said "awesome... a better scar". I also got to relay the info to him that the surgeon said that from what he saw, he believes it is a lower grade or slower growing tumor than they'd originally thought (THANK YOU LORD) AND if it is the type of sarcoma that he thinks it might be, no chemo... How awesome is that?!

We will not get final results for another week and a half but how cool would that be to only have radiation and surgery instead of chemo, radiation, and surgery?! We were pretty excited to hear that one.

So for now we are hanging out in the University District in Seattle (UW campus... it's gorgeous!) thanks to some amazing friends who surprised us by booking us a hotel for 4 nights. These super amazing friends also got us tickets for the Mariners game on Sunday. We are pretty darn excited.

I'd say that we've been doing pretty darn well through all of this but it is not easy by any means. I truly believe all of the wonderful people out there praying for us has made all of the difference in the world.

Oh, and more good news... We have the weekend to relax and then Monday he'll have 2 more scans and meet with the docs. Then we get to GO HOME. Only for a few days... but we still get to go home!!! We are beyond ecstatic to go home for a few days. We are hoping to fly home on Tuesday and then we will be flying back to Seattle on Sunday to meet with the doctors for the official diagnosis and the plan of attack. We are really REALLY hoping that we will be lucky enough to be able to do the majority of his treatment back in Alaska, but we shall see.

We have been so incredibly blessed by family, friends, and total strangers. We have people out there praying for us who have never even met us and I really think our good news so far is thanks to all of you. Prayer is such a powerful thing. Let's keep the good news going!!! :)


  1. Praise the Lord! I'm just continuing to hope and pray for you both. It is so incredible how compassionate and loving people can be in a time like this, to get you guys a hotel and then tickets to a game - that is so awesome. The Lord is good! Hugs to you! I hope you have a restful weekend and a wonderful time at the game.

    1. Thank you! Last night was rough. His first night out of the hospital and he was in a ton of pain. Dr let us increase his meds though. Hoping he is now able to get some rest and heal.

    2. I'm sorry to hear that. Yes, I'll be praying for restful sleep and lots of healing.

  2. Thinking about you and your husband during this time!!! I know how hard the hospital visits and surgeries are - Please let me know if you need ANYTHING!

  3. Thinking of you and praying for you and the hubs! So glad things are looking up. XOXO