Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Another doctor appointment for him... with good news!

We met with the radiation oncologist team today and we got some fantastic news. They said that we have no medical reason that the husband should have to stay down here for radiation. He will be able to start the radiation treatment in Alaska shortly. It will be 5 weeks of radiation, followed by a few weeks of healing before his surgery back here in Seattle. They also said that they will be treating this aggressively in case it is cancerous, but there is a chance that it isn't. The scans showed only a few "active" areas of the tumor that appear to be encapsulated by the cartilage of the tumor itself. Because they can't know for sure, they want to make sure that they get this fully taken care of the first time so that we have no reoccurrences.

We actually left this appointment so incredibly happy and excited.

We have been truly blessed by all of you who have supported us and prayed for us. We really believe that the prayer is what has made such an impact on his diagnosis and treatment. It seems like every time we go back, they give us better and better news. So thank you all! We REALLY appreciate everything.

With all of this going on we will have at least 2 more trips down here, one part way through the radiation treatment and then the one for the surgery itself. Depending on how the surgery goes, he may or may not have to come back for follow up radiation treatment, but all of that will be decided when we find out how the surgery goes.

Thank you all so much for your love and support. You all have helped us so much more than we could ever have asked for! :)


  1. Wonderful news! I hope you continue to feel all the positivity and light shining your way :)

  2. This is such great news!! I'm so happy and relieved for you both. Praying his treatments go well and that this is kicked in the butt very soon!