Monday, April 28, 2014

Doctor appointments for him today

You know that these types of doctors exist... neurosurgeons, radiologists, oncologists... But you never expect to have to make appointments with them. 

Met with the neurosurgeon last Friday, today with the radiologist and oncologist. We are so blessed that we've been able to get into these appointments so quickly and to have all of this amazing support from friends and family. 

I'm not sure what kind of information or answers we will be able to get today but I pray that it is all good news. So if any of you who read this could please take just a minute out of your day and pray, it would be so appreciated. We desperately need The Lord to give us strength to face whatever this is, wisdom for these doctors, and healing for my amazing husband. 

He really has been great with all of this. While he is in pain from the herniated disk he just keeps saying how if we go to Seattle, he wants to catch a Mariners game while we are there haha. Gotta love a man who hears he is going to need surgery to remove a tumor, and he sees it as an opportunity to watch some sports. :)

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  1. Sending positive & healing thoughts your way! I can't imagine how nerve wracking or stressful this is for you but know that people are rooting for you.