Thursday, April 3, 2014

Can you relate?

Alright ladies... can you relate? These are a few things that sometimes make me want to cry, make me crazy but mostly I just have to laugh because if I don't, it's just sort of pathetic.

  • The amount of money spent since starting the TTC journey on ovulation and pregnancy tests... dear goodness!!! I mean seriously! Had I known that I'd be buying them month after month after month... I'd have bought them in bulk from amazon or costco. (do they even sell those at costco? lol)
  • The number of times that we buy the smallest pack of tampons because I won't need them after this month for nearly a year.... and we all continue to do this month. after month. after month. Another item we'd have saved money on by buying in bulk forever ago. 
  • The number of times we've turned down a drink because "Well I don't know if I can drink right now." And then discovered, yep... could've had that drink.
  • The poor people around us who had to deal with us while we either cut back or totally cut out caffeine. I mean really!!! I LIVED ON CAFFEINE! Now, decaf all the way. Getting to this point... not so pretty.
  • The number of months we've thought "Oh this is THE month. It has to be because my first day of my 2nd trimester would be my birthday and my due date would be on the 10th of the month which is the 10th anniversary of our first date which also happens to be my aunt's birthday. Not to mention I have all of the symptoms!" It is meant to be.
  • Symptoms... oh geeze. The symptoms. Now, whether some of our "symptoms" are real or imaginary could be debated for hours. But what we do know is that EVERYTHING has been classified as a "symptom" by someone on some website. I mean everything from being overly emotional, craving certain foods, bloating (oh any of these sound like pms symptoms to anyone else? lol), sore boobs (induced by checking every 5 minutes to see if you have sore boobs), excessive burping (can't explain that one BUT I have read that some people said it was a symptom that they experienced when pregnant). And let's just all take a moment to think of those amazing people in our lives who sat there and listened to us talk out every symptom that we have and why we just KNOW it is this month. 
  • Back up to talking about those dang tests... Can we all agree that those things are soooo dang overpriced?! I mean really... preying on the desperation of overly emotional women much?!!?! Can you even count how many darn sticks you have peed on in the past year?
  • Speaking of those tests... now do we stare at them the entire time until the timer goes off? Do we not look until it is done? We wouldn't want to jinx it you know. Oh! and don't even get started on how we decided when to test. If I had any amount of self restraint I could probably have saved a lot of money on tests haha. But let's face it, if we can know today... why would we want to wait?
  • Now for the blood tests... I'm pretty sure you could fill an entire person with the amount of blood that I've had drawn for every blood test ever imagined. I was never good with needles... now a blood draw, eh... that's nothing.
  • The time spent waiting for the phone to ring with the results of said blood tests. Personally, mine always came back 100% normal so this was frustrating for me. All normal means we have NO clue what the issue is. However, for some of you ladies... these tests have resulted in answers. Yay answers! :)
These are just a few of the things that I've thought about lately and just laughed because it truly is sort of ridiculous. All of the things that we do during the journey to baby...  We are some crazy creatures. I can't even begin to tell you the look on people's faces if/when they hear that I have actually torn apart my fair share of digital tests... just to see if there is a line but it's just not strong enough to read as "pregnant" on the test. Don't judge! It could totally happen.

I'm about 99% sure that this month was not my month but that is okay. There is always next month. I am lucky enough to have some seriously supportive people around to remind me that it isn't time to lose hope. God has a plan for me, I'm just waiting to find out what exactly that is.

Congrats to all of you ladies who finally got your BFPs or got to see little heartbeats recently. And best of luck to the rest of you still plugging along in your TTC journey. I'm right there with you! :)

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  1. This is a good post Shelby--you nailed it! XO