Thursday, April 17, 2014

Another appointment

Just had what has become my monthly appointment with my RE. You know, the one I always talk about how freaking amazing she is. I love working with her. Well today I went in to see how my follicles are doing this month, great by the way. I had one at 19mm and one at 16mm and she said my lining looks amazing.

Then came the sad news... She's leaving the state in 2 weeks. I seriously was just totally caught off guard by that. Her husband is military and they are being stationed somewhere else. The office has been sending out letters to her patients but she wanted to make sure that I knew. Which I didn't. Talk about a serious blow to what was great news. 

She has given me a referral to an RE in a different office who she believes will be on the same page with treatment. She also said she's a huge advocate for women dealing with recurrent pregnancy loss. All in all, she sounds awesome. But I'm reallllly hoping I never have to use my referral. I'm hoping that this month is the month. 

I'm doing the trigger shot tomorrow night, this time it's the hcg shot instead of the ovidrel that I used last month. No pre-filled syringe this time so this should be interesting. :)

While I'm super excited that everything is looking good for this month, I'm really sad that my dr is leaving. I really like her. Not to mention, if I do end up having to use that referral, that'll probably mean May will be a break so that I can meet with the new doctor. 

Here is to hoping that I won't need that referral! :)

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