Friday, March 21, 2014

Shots! Shots! Shots!

Noooo not that kind of shot. And actually it was only one shot. I don't know about you but I generally avoid shots at all costs. I hate needles. HATE! However, over the last year and all of the dozens of blood draws, I've become quite good at getting blood drawn. I still never watch the needle though. It creeps me out. Makes me nauseous. 

That takes us to this month. This month my doctor wanted me to trigger ovulation. Can do. Don't like needles but like I said before... I'm ready for whatever it takes. I will admit I was pretty nervous about having to give myself a shot. Not as much the shot itself but that I'd actually need to watch the needle. I thought the close my eyes and hope for the best method was probably not the best idea. 

In that giant box, was this TINY needle. And I mean tiny. I was still slightly nervous since I've never been able to watch a professional give me a shot even lol. But now we are done. I did go incredibly slow so it took more effort than my close my eyes and stab method would have taken to get that tiny needle in my stomach. Here is to hoping this month is the month! :)

And here is a picture to show just how tiny that little needle was haha. I'm such a baby. 

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