Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Taxes... another reminder that we don't have kids

We had an appointment tonight to get our taxes done. Last we ended up having to pay about $3,000 for whatever reason. First time home buyer tax credit was gone so that was out, and because we'd just bought our house in December, we couldn't claim ANY house related stuff on our taxes.

Okay, well a year later, surely we'll have a kid. AND we updated what was being withdrawn from our paychecks to make sure we wouldn't have another year like last.

Tonight, I was hoping for a refund, husband was fully expecting to pay at least a few hundred dollars. I mean, let's face it, if you have a decent job, not rolling in the dough... you get totally screwed. Sorry. No better way to put it. You get totally screwed.

She finishes inputting our information into the computer and there it is... our total. We still owed over $2,000! HOW THE HECK DOES THIS HAPPEN?! Basically since we didn't go outside of our means and buy an expensive home, because we didn't get stuck with a high interest rate on our mortgage and because... oh you'll love this "because there are no dependents" there really aren't any additional deductions.

Yes. Thank you. ANOTHER reminder of no children. I almost forgot for a whole 5 minutes. So really... thank you for giving me yet another reason why recurrent pregnancy loss SUCKS.

At this point, I think me not working and instead collecting unemployment and clipping coupons all day might actually make more sense financially. How is that?

We did things the way that we were supposed to. We have jobs (and yes, pay our taxes). We work hard. We bought a house that we could afford. We waited to start a family... And now look where we are. Another $2,000 gone and no kids. What a wonderful way to spend an evening...


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