Friday, December 20, 2013

Do you ever feel surrounded?

Now, I've talked before about being surrounded by kids and babies and pregnant women, but this time I'm not talking about by people. I've had a strange series of events lately. In this post I talked about how I went to purchase the book "Heaven Is for Real" and Amazon told me that I had already purchased the book. I laughed and thought, "Wow, this must be a sign that I need to read this book".  Well, it happened again. I was on Amazon looking to purchase another book "Hannah's Hope", and again Amazon thought I'd previously purchased the book.

Is this another sign?

To make matters more strange, back in November I talked about how I'd received a text from Target advertising a sale on baby stuff on the same day that I discovered that I was not pregnant that month. Well, this month after my doctor notified me that this pregnancy was also ending in miscarriage I got another Target baby text. Now I never signed up for these texts and I thought that I'd unsubscribed last month. Yet, somehow I got another one this month! At yet another weird time.

Adding to the weirdness... a few weeks ago I came home to find that among the stack of mail the husband had brought inside, was this box. The box had a baby brand logo with a picture of a baby on the outside. Now, I know that I didn't order anything. I also know that I never signed up for anything using my home address, but there it was... addressed to me. Inside was a letter congratulating me on my new addition to the family. There were of brochures, coupons, and samples.

I feel like I'm being followed. I am no longer being followed by babies and pregnant women... Now even inanimate objects and technology are surrounding me with baby related things. Good thing I now just laugh it off and don't break down in tears at the reminders of what it is that I don't have but have always hoped for.

On another note... it is snowing. AGAIN. Last weekend we got over a foot of snow in less than 24 hours. Wednesday night we got more snow. And now.... this! You probably can't see it in my awful iPhone picture... but it is snowing. Ugh.

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