Saturday, November 2, 2013

Oh ya, Halloween happened

This year I actually had 2 Halloween costumes. I was Minnie Mouse at work and then at the last minute I threw together a costume as a Jersey girl (Jersey Shore-ish) for a Halloween party. I attempted to tease my hair, threw on some orange makeup and a tight dress and voila... costume haha. Here are a few lovely pics for your entertainment.

So a few months back, the husband and I watched a few episodes of that show, Men at Work. There is a scene where they use the word "whorange"... yes, "whore" and "orange" put together as one lovely and quite descriptive word haha. As I was doing my makeup last night, I turned to the husband and said "how do I look?" Naturally he responded with, "You're WHORANGE!" haha. So that was also how I continued to describe the look all night.

Minnie Mouse - Halloween 2013

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