Friday, October 18, 2013


Yay! How I love Fridays... :) Granted, Friday is usually quite a busy day at work for me, but that is always worth the days off that follow.

A few things about this week...

*Seahawks won! Oh, have explained yet that the Seahawks are practically a religion in my family? Thankfully, my husband's family feels the same way. Not sure things would have worked otherwise... haha

*Finally got the tickets for the Seahawks game against Minnesota in November. I'm so excited! I've never been to an NFL game before. I'm already trying to convince the husband that I will need a new head to toe outfit for the game. I mean really...

*Passed my first would have been due date... and survived. I got a bit teary eyed at times but overall it was a really good day for me. Husband brought me some beautiful flowers. I used that day's blog post as the opportunity to open up and finally linked to my blog from my personal facebook page. I received so much love and support, it was truly amazing. I can't even explain how it felt to receive all of those messages from so many people. My boss even gave me some pretty flowers... it was so sweet. Overall, a much better day than I ever could have anticipated.

*Going to lunch today with a friend of mine. We keep in touch pretty much daily but we haven't had a chance to sit down just the two of us in a few months. So excited!

*I decided on my Halloween costume for this year. We dress up for Halloween at work and this year I will be Minnie Mouse. Last year we had the theme of superheros... so naturally I made up my own superhero.... Super Shelby! haha so this year I decided to go the Disney route. So far, I have shoes. Yes, that is all. BUT they were only $9 at Kohl's. SCORE! Thankfully, I do have a red dress that might work, but that still leaves the ears, the socks, and the gloves. It is my goal to attain the rest of the costume this weekend. We shall see if I have any luck in that department.

*I decided that I need to start working out again. I've been soooo lazy the last few weeks. ZERO working out. I'm down a solid 18lbs already and I want to kick that back into high gear and lose a few more. Again, I want to be in the best possible shape so that I can have a healthier pregnancy when that time comes. Totally planned to get up early today to work out... The alarm went off, I promptly re-set it to go off later lol. This isn't working out quite like I'd intended.

*Last but not least, how cute is Gidget in her little sombrero? haha. My sister in law bought it for her and I think it's so darn cute. Perfect Cinco de Mayo outfit already!

I swear she doesn't normally look quite that pathetic. She kind of HATES hats... and getting her picture taken haha.

Puppy Gidget

Even Gidget has a Seahawks jersey! :)
Again with the pouting at the thought of a picture AND being dressed in a silly outfit haha

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