Saturday, September 28, 2013

Random thoughts...

So I've typed out a post for today over and over. The topics have been alllll over the place. So finally I've decided to just post my random thoughts all in one random post. :)

*Here in Alaska, it is winter. It is September and we already have had snow. Thankfully we got rain a few days later and that got rid of what was on the ground, but still. I have accepted that summer is no longer and we are moving on to winter. I decided it was time to pack away the summer clothes for the next 7 months. I always try to pack away my summer clothes in the winter and vice versa. It serves a few purposes. Not only does it make picking out what to wear a bit easier, it also looks like you have fewer clothes, which means you can BUY more haha. :)

*Husband's birthday was this past Monday! We had dinner reservations and all. I woke up Monday morning with full blown cold symptoms. I was MISERABLE. He insisted that we cancel the reservations and he'd just grill himself a steak and watch football. So while he grilled, I laid on the couch in my pjs. It was pathetic.

*My cold. Everyone at work has been passing this cold around for weeks. It seems like the last few people are at the end of it and I thought I'd been lucky enough to make it through and then BAM! I felt like death warmed over on Monday. I somehow made it through the work day to come home and lay on the couch. I stayed home Tuesday and Wednesday. I thought I was doing a lot better and felt bad taking any more time off of work so I forced myself to go to work on Thursday. I was a bit of a zombie. Friday I was feeling a lot better, not great but better, but by the end of work I had practically no voice left. By the time husband got home from work, I had NO voice. At all. He just kept laughing at my attempts to talk all night and kept saying "What? I cant hear you." Today, I still got nothing. I let the dog outside this morning and she was just hanging out out there. I wanted to get her inside and close the door so naturally I yelled for her. All I got out was a squeak, which she either didn't hear or chose to ignore. Either way... no voice is really frustrating!

*Latest Dr appt. I went in for another appointment this last week. Yet again, all is good. She actually told me "It looks like there should be a baby in there." lol. Well, that is the goal. She said my body has responded as she'd hoped to the Femara and hopefully I will have good news in a few months. We shall see!

*Favorites things lately. Have you discovered Zulilly yet? If not, you should. It is amazing! They have great deals on new stuff every day. They obviously cater to deals for babies and kids, but they have home decor, furniture, clothes, shoes, etc. For the shopping obsessed like me, it is perfect. Also, MasterChef Junior. If you haven't seen it yet, check out OnDemand and watch it. These kids are 8-13 years old and they are freaking awesome. It is ridiculous how good these kids are. It makes me feel a lot less awesome in my own cooking and baking skills. I just don't get how a 12 year old knows how to do all of that stuff and put those ingredients together. I don't understand how you end up with a 12 year old kid who is practically a chef haha.

*And finally, the fact that it is nearly October and Halloween decorations are now everywhere, I got to thinking about past costumes I have worn. As a kid, every day was dress up day so not all of these are from Halloween, I just thought that these pics were pretty darn funny. First, the obligatory ALASKA HALLOWEEN COSTUME. Yes, your costume MUST be worn over a snowsuit. Every kid's nightmare! I cried, every year. I'm not even sure what I WAS that year? Princess Fairy perhaps? haha.


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