Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Friday!

Eagle River, AK 2013 

I am SO glad that it is Friday, granted it will be Saturday here in just 2 hours (Alaska time, so it's already Saturday pretty much everywhere but here lol). This has been a crazy week! Flew back from Seattle late Sunday night and jumped back in to normal life, work, etc. We got pretty much no sleep while we were in Seattle. Like went to bed between 1-3am and up at 7am every day. So I am very much in need of SLEEP.

All this week I had all sorts of grand plans of what I'd get done each night when I got home from work, which of course always ended with "go to bed EARLY". Not ONCE did that happen this week. Not sure what I was thinking. I got nothing done that I'd planned and I got no sleep. Apparently I thought that it was more important to do absolutely nothing and catch up on my TiVo. :)

This will be a fun weekend though! Tomorrow, I am going with one of my best friends to shop for her wedding dress and then Sunday, another good friend of mine is having a Scentsy party. So naturally my mom and I must go and spend money haha. I'm a total sucker for Scentsy... or any sort of smelly candleish things. I am also super excited to just spend some time at home by myself cleaning and probably being incredibly lazy at times. I believe a bubble bath and some nail painting is in order.

Anyway, I hope everyone else had a more rested week than I did and HAPPY WEEKEND! :)

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