Tuesday, September 10, 2013

31 weeks ago....

I cannot believe that it is already almost mid September! I went through Target yesterday and saw that they were already putting out their Halloween candy and decorations. And then today it hit me, in just 5 weeks, it will be the day of my first due date. I can't believe that 31 weeks ago today, I was waking up my husband to tell him we were going to have a baby (or possibly BABIES as multiples run in my family). 

It is so funny how that same evening, we went out for celebratory dinner and I convinced him that it was necessary to go to Barnes & Noble to look at books! I still remember the "WHAT? Why would we need anything like that anytime soon? Don't we have like 9 months?" That is where I corrected that I was already 4 weeks pregnant, leaving us only 8 months. That is assuming I'd go full term... so possibly only 7 (let's not even think about how long we'd have had if that was multiples!) We did end up buying a baby name book or two.

I remember asking "so what names do you like?" To which he had no reply. Apparently not EVERYONE thinks about what names they'll give their future children haha. We drove home that night, him vetoing most names ever thought of (yes, like 99% of them, at least), and me reading nearly the entire book out loud followed by "why not?" and "I like that name!" whenever I received yet another veto.

It is nice to be able to look back on these 31 weeks without anger or sadness anymore. There were times of joy and pain, but also times healing and growth.  I decided at the beginning of my last pregnancy that regardless of how long I am blessed to be the mother of these babies, they are just that... my babies. I was given a gift with each and every one of them. I take each day that I had with them as a blessing and I hope that one day in a future pregnancy, I will be able to look at my husband when I've gone into labor and tell him "It's time... we are having a baby".

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