Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Is it the weekend yet???

This week seems to be dragggggging on. Granted it is a busy  week for me at work so naturally I want it to be over now. Once this crazy week is over, I will get to enjoy a 3 day weekend! WOOHOO! AND next week I only have two days of work before I take a few days off to go to my cousin’s wedding :) I’m so excited to see family! We aren’t able to get together nearly enough as only my immediate family lives here in Alaska and everyone else is in the Seattle area. The past 2 years, they’ve all made their way up here since my brother got married last summer and I got married the summer before. We are already trying to figure out what excuse we will all use next year to get together.

Anyway, another reason I am looking forward to next week… another blood draw! Is it weird that I am excited for that (especially since I believe this blood draw will put me over 40 vials of blood drawn since mid May this year)? I hate needles, I hate blood, and I don’t generally care for hospitals or going to the doctor, but I can’t wait. This time the blood draw will be to check my progesterone levels. Hopefully this will give some answers as to why I’ve had the multiple miscarriages. At this point though, I really won’t be too surprised to get the “We got your test results… everything is normal” phone call.

So far every test seems to come back “normal”. Actually at my last appointment where they performed a Sonohysterography, I was not only told everything looks normal, they actually told me I have a “nice lining”. Of course in awkward situations, (which this was as there was an ultrasound tech, my doctor, doctor’s assistant, and an assistant trainee in the room) I tend to go full on sarcastic. So naturally I responded with “That’s the nicest thing anyone has said to me all day. A girl loves to be told she has nice lining.” The outcome though was as expected… everything looks great, I have a “nice lining”, OH and I am very fertile (another thing a girl loves to hear).

So that brings us to my current situation. So far all appears to be normal, so if my progesterone levels come back normal as well, that pretty much leads us to conclude that the reason for my miscarriages is either something that there is no test for, or I just have bad luck. Yay me! :) Either way, this is one step closer to either knowing what is going on or at least ruling out another possibility. I look forward to this crazy week being finished and even more excited for all that next week brings.

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